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Sachidanand Weddings:-
Designed and commissioned by Nandni Thakur in 2018, Sachidanand Weddings is the first Wedding Production House that aims to lead the industry in divine association with spiritual organisations consistently exploring the divine secrets of the universe to actually get the real association with the only one ‘ The Supreme Spiritual Master – Sachidanand ‘.

Founded by, Nandni Thakur, who is undoubtedly the best-known persona for working persistently to ensure the company to be a well-equipped wedding production house with cutting edge technology and consistent innovations with co-integrated efforts of the best industry professionals, intellectuals and public figures across the globe.

After successfully establishing herself for 10 years incorporate as an outstanding achiever in education, the automobile industry and Reliance Jio, she has launched ‘Sachidanand Weddings’ with all her gained expertise and utilising her worldwide contacts. Therefore, has created a rightful place for herself in the wedding industry by producing a large number of wedding projects and serving the New India fraternity with never-ending innovative cultural shots.
This production house has also been described as an Island of excellence as it is also the training ground of thousands of young professionals, without discrimination of caste, colour, creed or nationality.

” Sachidanand Weddings is indeed proving itself to become a great and divine success story of Modern India. “

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